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Country: ITALY

Valdibella, Sicily, Italy

Valdibella Camporeale, Sicily Valdibella is a coopertive of 10 farms in Camporeale working in Organic agriculture since 1981 (cert. ICEA) Only native varieties are produced:

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Tenute Dettori, Sardinia, Italy

Tenute Dettori Romagnia, Sardinia Certified Biodynamic (Demeter) since 2003 and a member of Triple-A (Agricoltori, Artigiani, e Artisti) Estate-grown, varietal, single-vineyard wines from native Sardinian

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Dalle Ore, Veneto, Italy

Dalle Ore Trissino, Veneto Certified Organic since 2010 (ICEA), Practicing Biodynamic  Founded in 1903, currently 4th Generation  Utilizes frequency broadcasters as part of their practice of

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Casebianche, Campania, Italy

Casebianche Cilento, Campania Certified Organic (2009) & Biodynamic practices Varieties planted: Aglianico and Fiano with some Malvasia, Barbera, Trebbiano, and Piedirosso, aged 10-60 years Fermentations

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Giol, Veneto, Italy

Giol San Polo, Veneto Giol has an incredible history. It is the oldest documented winery in Italy, dating back to 1427. A certified organic, ethical

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Colombaia, Tuscany, Italy

Colombaia Colle Val d’Elsa The inspiration for Colombaia originated with the Lomazzi 1•1== family, the descendents of generations of winegrowers distributing wine produced in Puglia,

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