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Ampelidae, Loire, France

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Haut-Poitou, Loire Valley

Ampelidae, takes its name from the Greek word ‘Ampelos,’ the vine and is the brainchild of Frederic Brochet, a born winemaker in an unknown sub-region of the Loire, Haut Poitou. Frederic remembers having helped replanting a vineyard of Pinot Noir in 1981 when he was 9 years old. A couple years later in 1983, he took part in the first harvest of the same plot. He made his first wine alone at the age of 15, and wrote his first book on viniculture at the age of 14. With a doctorate in Oenologyfrom Bordeaux, Brochet teaches at the International University of Gastronomy and dedicates the rest of his time to the perfection of the “BROCHET wines”. 

Combining the genius of modernity with traditional talent, Frederic Brochet wines produce a range of contemporary wines that couple style with the vitality of innovation, whilst maintaining a deep respect for the environment. The vineyards are maintained according to strict organic farming specifications and certified AB and ECOCERT. Brochet’s attention to detail from old vine selecton massale, hand harvesting, temperature, oxygen and fermentation control allow Ampelidae wines’ distinguishing characteristics of acidity, purity, minerality and true terroir expression. 

The cellars, among the most modern and sophisticated in France, are housed in huge chalk caves, dating back to the 11th century. 

Today, Frederic produces three lines of wine; Ampelidae, the most advanced cuvees made from the estate’s oldest vines; Brochet and Marigny-Neuf, which account for the biggest volume at the winery. 

Ampelidae – The house emblem…. Le S, LE C, PN 1328, Le K 

This elite range of wines is made from estate grown grapes exclusively. Hand and machine harvested at the break of dawn, 36hl per hectareyield, 35-65+ year old vines. Precise, intense but elegant. Expressing the variety of calcareous, clay and flint-rich soils at Ampelidae. Sauvignon on slightly sandy soils rich in flint (75%) and calcareous clay (25%). Chardonnay on mineral rich clay; Pinot Noir on limestone. The estate’s divers siols facilitate the farming of a wide variety of varietalsincluding Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc as well. 

Brochet – A new series of wines called Brochet shows Frederic’s creativity. The label represents the letter B drawn to look like the head of a Pike, which is what Brochet means in French. Three Sauvignons: Pointe de Doux, Sauvignon Rose. 

Marigny Neuf – Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Rose. Organically grown, younger vines, a pure expression of varietal character and minerality. 

Armance B 

  • Varietals: Chardonnay (60%) Folle Blanche (40%) 
  • Soil: chalk and limestone 
  • 8.12 g/lt RS, less than 75 grams of sulfur.  

Armance B takes its name from the first name of Frederic’s grandmother who initiated the sparkling production in 1899.