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Campinuovi, Tuscany, Italy

Maremma, Tuscany

Camponuovi – By Nadia Riguccini and Daniele Rosellini, where Land Rules, nature gives its fruits and man’s passion turns them into unique products, a faithful expression of the territory.

Agricola Campinuovi, was founded by Daniele and Nadia in 2000 perched on the slopes of Mount Amiata descending toward the Maremma plain, as a place they could produce “authentic wine” expressing the synergy between land and man. The estate is certified organic since 2000 and has been exercising biodynamic agriculture since 2006. The estate is a member of “Return to terroir” group by Nicolas Joly (

The estate, covering about 23 hectares (57 acres), is located on a hillside exposed to the south, southwest, at an altitude of 350 to 450 meters (1,148-1476 feet). The location is equidistant between Mount Amiata and the Tyrrhenian Sea (about 45 kilometers or 28 miles from each). Those positions are responsible for the creation of unusual air currents, especially in the spring-summer period, that influence the aromatic component of the wines. The estate cultivates about seven hectares of vineyards, planted primarily in Sangiovese (more than 85%) and the remaining area in Colorino, Pugnitello, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Ansonica. The vineyards, planted at the beginning of 2002, provided grapes for the initial vinification in the 2005 vintage.

Viticultural techniques are carried out with the maximum respect for the use of the soil. Immediately after the vintage, the earth is tilled, which enable the terrain to store water throughout the winter for use by the vines during the succeeding period of vegetation. Afterward a cover-crops (green manure) are sown in alternating files of vines to guarantee the maintenance of the structure and porosity of the terrain. These plants also provide the vineyards with natural organic substances (no other type of fertilizer is used).

During vegetation, green pruning is carried out with the greatest care and this assures the equilibrium of grape production, while leaving the foliage in the best condition in terms of aeration and the capturing of luminous radiation. Anti-parasite treatments are limited to sulfur and copper but only on an as needed basis

The grapes are hand harvested and are vinified separately by variety and by plot. Natural yeast fermentation takes place and pump-over method is used to break up the the cap. The process is carried out in tapering barrels of Slavonian oak, in which the successive malolactic fermentation also occurs naturally. In addition, the young wine is left on the second lees. The maturation of the wine continues in the same oak barrels and in 20-hectoliter (526-gallon) oak casks for about one year. The wine is then bottled without clarification or filtration.

The Wines:

  • Montecucco Rosso DOC ,
  • Montecucco Sangiovese DOC,
  • Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva DOC and
  • Maremma Toscana Rosso IGT “Franapoggio”.