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Cascina Corte, Piemonte, Italy

Cascina Corte
Dogliani, Piedmont

  • e Sandro Barosi and his partner, Amalia bought Cascina Corte in 2001. The vines date back to the 40s and 50s with the house and property dating back to the middle of the 17th century. Sandro utilizes both organic and biodynamic practices to communicate the purest and most balanced wine his land can express. Certified organic by ICEA. 
  • Hidden away in the hills of San Luigi, this is one of the best areas for the production of Dolcetto di Dogliani. In 2002, 1.5 hectares of new vineyards were planted, half with Nebbiolo and half with the Barbera bringing the couple’s vineyards to about 5 hectares. Different rootstocks we planted depending on the terrain of each area. 
  • Sandro’s primary focus in the vineyard is the fertility of the land. He uses only verdigris and quarry sulfur in extremely limited amounts. No chemical fertilizers and only green manure (cross cropping with clover and tick-beans then working them back into the soil to increase organic matter, improve topsoil depth, nutrient content, friability, etc.).  Vineyards consist of limestone, blue tufa and clay soils. Vines are guyot trained. All estate grown, hand harvested and fermented with natural yeast, the grapes gently treated in the cellar with no maceration and manual pump over. 
  • The Wines:

    Dolcetto Dogliani 
  • Limestone, blue tufa soils 
  • 60 yr. old vines 
  • South/southeast, 480 m. slope 
  • 5,500 plants per hectare 2.25 tons/acre yield 
  • 10 months on steel and two months in the bottle. 650 cs. made
  • Dogliani Superiore “Pirochetta Vecchie Vigne” 
  • Grapes from multiple plots 
  • Limestone, blue tufa and clay soils 
  • 60 yr. old vine 
  • South/southeast, 480 m. slope 
  • 5,500 plants per htr. yielding 2.25 tons/acre. 
  • Cellar: 18 months in S. steal, 2 mos. in bottle. 
  • 500 cs made.

    Langhe Barbera 
  • Limestone, blue tufa, clay 
  • 10 yr. vines 
  • South, east exposure 
  • 5,500 plants per hectare 
  • 2.8 tons/acre 
  • 6 months in large oak barrels/tonneau and two in the bottle
  • Langhe Nebbiolo: 
  • Limestone, blue tufa 
  • 10 yr. old vines 
  • South exposition /480 m. 
  • 5,500 plants per hectare 
  • 2 tons per acre yield 
  • 24 months in large oak barrels and two years in the bottle

    Vino Rosato Matilde: 
  • 100% Dolcetto 
  • 10 months in steel and two months in the bottle 
  • 125 cs. made.

    Vino da tavola Barnedòl: 
  • 40% dolcetto, 40% Barbera, 20% Nebbiolo 
  • Limestone, blue tufa, clay soils; 
  • Vineyard age: 60 years for the dolcetto, 10 years for the Barbera and Nebbiolo 
  • South, southeast, east exposure 
  • Varying small yields according to grape variety. 
  • Aging: Tonneau, large oak barrels and second-hand barriques for Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes, steel for dolcetto. 
  • 375 cs. mad