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Sainte Anne, Provence, France

Sainte Anne
Bandol, Provence

In Bandol, the proximity of the sea, the windy atmosphere between the steep hills there, have created a microclimate which makes it possible to plant and grow on terraces in spite of the brutal summer heat. Sainte Anne is located only a few kilometers away from the Mediterranean. Bandol reds are usually made with 65 % to 100 % of Mourvèdre. The Bandol Appellation was officially created in 1941 during the German occupation. 

The Dutheils began natural winemaking in the 1960s. Everything is done naturally. The grapes are totally hand harvested, fermented by indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtering, no cooling tanks, no additives of any kind except for a touch of sulfur at bottling if necessary. 

  • 15 hectares – 20 % of rosé, 75 % of red, 5 % of white wine. 
  • Vines : Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Ugni Blanc, Clairette 
  • Vineyards : 30 to 55 yrs old 
  • Soil : Vines grown on slopes. South-Eastern exposure, chalky limestone soil. 
  • Certified Organic by ECOCERT. 
  • Production : 27 Hl/ha (1.4 tons/acre) 
  • Harvesting: Manually, traditional methods with a first selection in the vineyards. 
  • Vinification: Traditional methods without the addition of any chemical product. 
  • Direct pressing, manual pump down, natural settling.

The rosé wines are half bled rosés and half free-run rosé and they ferment in stainless-steel vats. The fermentation isn’t blocked whatsoever with SO2. At Chateau Sainte Anne they let the wine complete the malolactic fermentation, which translates in wines that are rich but still fresh and aromatic. Lightly filtered. 

The reds will stay 20 to 22 months in foudres and, like the whites are neither fed or filtered – simply gravity racked. 

The Wines: 

Bandol Rouge 

  • Mourvèdre 60%, Grenache 20%, Cinsault 20% 

Bandol Rosé 

  • Mourvèdre 40%, Grenache 30%, Cinsault 30% 

Bandol Blanc 

  • 50 % Ugni Blanc, 50 % Clairette 

Cotes de Provence Rouge 

  • Mourvèdre 25%, Grenache 25%, Cinsault 25%, Carignan 25% 

Cotes de Provence Rosé 

  • Mourvèdre 25%, Grenache 25%, Cinsault 25%, Carignan 25%