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Dalle Nostre Mani, Tuscany, Italy

Dalle Nostre Mani
Tuscany, Italy

DALLE NOSTRE MANI is the name of a company made up of two kindergarten schoolmate and lifelong friends, the agronomist Lapo Tardelli and oenologist, Giulio Wilson Rosetti, Dalle Nostre Mani is a project where the organic conversion of ancient vineyards, together with the friendship or a young winemaker and his vineyard manager friend, produce a range of natural wines coming from organic farming. 

The vineyards have only Tuscan stocks, such as Pungitello, Foglia Tonda, Abrostine, Abrusco, which extend to the protected natural site of Padule di Fucecchio. 

This project began in 2005, when we Guilio and Lapo decided to reorganize some vineyards in Fucecchio. Many of them belonged to local farmers and were in a dilapidated condition, abandoned for various reasons, sometimes due to the old age of the farmers who owned them. Over the years, the project evolved: today there are 11 hectares of refurbished vineyards, converted to organic farming and we work in partnership with 14 elderly farmers. 

An ancient method called Girone Capovolto Toscano, is used where they tie the vine-stocks to the rows using willow branches or biodegradable material, without using plastic or metal. 

All farming operations, from pruning to grape harvesting, are carried out by hand with great enthusiasm. 

The wines are lively, sincere and natural, produced in a way which is friendly towards the environment and the people who drink it. Integrity Wines currently carries two of several cuvees. 


  • Certified organic 
  • Grape variety: 100% Trebbiano 
  • Age of vineyards: vineyards of different ages, always exceeding 30 years 
  • Vines per hectare: 3570 
  • 11.5% vol 
  • Vinification: in stainless steel. 


  • Wine is named after the grandfather of Lapo 
  • Grapes: 100% Sangovese 
  • Vineyard age: 42 years vines per hectare 
  • 4500 harvest 
  • second week of September Title 
  • alcohol vol.: 12% vol 
  • vinification: in stainless steel