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Meggiolaro Vini, Veneto, Italy

Meggiolaro Vini
Brenton, Veneto

Meggiolaro Vini is located on the beautiful hills of Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, 300 meters above sea level, on deep soils of volcanic origin rich in lava and tuff stones. The vineyards of Cristiana are up to 40 years old.  

Cristiana works with her partner, Riccardo. The two, in 2007, recovered some old vineyards at the foot of the Lessini Mountains. Cristiana and Riccardo work in a totally natural way with no chemicals or treatments. They work  with two indigenous grapes, Garganega and durella. Their goal is, with their wines, to transmit the energy and extraordinary characteristics of the land of origin.  

The couple works three plots: The oldest vineyard is 40 years old, at 450 meters above sea level, with South/South-West exposure, receiving the warmest rays of summer sun and the gentle touch of fresh nights, so that the temperature leap (diurnal spread) guarantees an intense bouquet to the wines. 

A little lower there is another old vineyard of Durella, recumbent on a nice slope. 

Finally, in Roncà, at 120 meters above the sea level, Cristiana and Riccardo planted their youngest Garganega. 

The Wines: “Sottocà”, a sparkling white on the yeasts from durella grapes(Pet Nat), the “” Sarò “”, garganega in purity, Durello Spumante, Metodo Classico “Corte Roncolato,” and the Recioto di Gambellara ” Majesty,” from dried Garganega grapes.  

Cristiana and Riccardo are true artisans with maximum respect for the vines and their natural seasonal course. If a vintage does not develop naturally in a suitable way, they don’t make the wine. Biodiversity is preserved by natural woods, enclosing the parcels in a loving embrace! Everything is: Estate Grown, Hand Harvested, Natural Yeast, No vine manipulation, 3 small plots, organic/biodynamic practices. 


  • White sparkling wine 
  • Fermented on natural yeasts 
  • Durella 80%, Garganega 20% 
  • 450 meters above sea level, on volcanic soils 
  • 30 yr old vines 
  • Pergola Veronese trained 
  • Whole cluster fermentation in stainless steal 
  • Refermentation in bottle with the must of dried Garganega grapes. Unfiltered. 


  • Dry white still wine 
  • 100% Garganega 
  • Grown among the hills of Roncà (VR) 
  • Guyot trained 
  • Volcanic soils rich in basalt and tuffs 
  • Stainless steel fermented, whole cluster fermentation 
  • Bright with hints of stone fruit, citrus and white flowers, pronounced freshness, and a pleasant finish.