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Valdibella, Sicily, Italy

Camporeale, Sicily

  • Valdibella is a coopertive of 10 farms in Camporeale working in Organic agriculture since 1981 (cert. ICEA)
  • Only native varieties are produced: Nero d’Avola, Perricone, Nerello Mascalese, Catarratto, Zibibbo, Grillo
  • All wines are made by spontaneous fermentation
  • Some wines are made entirely without adding sulphites

From the beginning Valdibella implemented methods of organic farming focused on biodiversity and native crops. Operating under a “Charter for Biodiversity,” crops of olives, figs and pomegranates are integrated with the vines. The co-op believes that “a monoculture, even if organic, is always negative.” The aim is to minimize the differences with the original ecosystem, if it’s in balance the plants can be healthy and nutrious. 

Great importance is given to the development phase of the grapes, concentrating on specific techniques: bush-trained or espalier-trained cultivation, producing low yields, using zero tillage, green pruning, dry-farming, and manual harvesting. 

The hillside vineyards are composed primarily of clay soils at 1,000 to 1,650ft elevation, allowing the wines to be both full and fresh.

In the cellar, full respect is paid to the natural features of the grape. Interventions are minimal, no synthetic chemical substances are ever utilized. The organic grapes are rich in native yeasts that are perfectly able to carry out the fermentation.

Valdibella’s devotion to sustainability in their community doesn’t end in their vineyards. The co-op is involved with ‘Open Arms Community’, which supports unaccompanied migrant children. Valdibella helps train and employ them in an effort to better integrate into Italian society. The winery also helped establish ‘Adiopizzo,’ which resists the local mafia by refusing to pay extortion money.


Munir – 100% Catarratto – 6 months in stainless steel

Catarratto is our grape. For us it represents the vine of the oldest tradition. It has always been cultivated in our area, and in the past it was very rare to find it outside this area. Munir has a great responsibility to continue the tradition of our fathers. All our farmers cultivate it, precisely because of the deep bond that has been created over the years.

Agape – 100% Nerello Mascalese – 8 months in stainless steel

One of the oldest grapevines in Sicily, Nerello Mascalese originates in the Mount Etna area and has been cultivated in the west of Sicily for a very long time. Today it is the second most cultivated vine of the red grape, next to the Nero d’Avola. Grapes are de-stemmed, fermentation occures for approximately 9 days. After the malolactic fermentation which takes place spontaneously, the wine refines for 8 months in stainless steel vessels before being bottled.


More wines from Valdibella:

Acamante (100% Perricone), Ariddu (100% Grillo), Dhyana (Perricone Rose), Isolano (100% Catarratto Extra Lucido), Jakì (50% Nero d’avola, 50% Cabernet sauvignon), Kerasos (100% Nero d’Avola), Ligame (100% syrah), Memorii (Catarratto & Grillo solera wine), Respiro (100% Nero d’Avola, no sulphites added), Sulle Bucce (100% Grillo, skin macerated, no sulphites added)